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Northern Ireland

If you have considered Locum work in the past and, if your focus is no longer on further training or educational development within a hospital environment, then the Locum market is without a doubt the ideal option for you.


At Locum Express we partner with private and public healthcare facilities across Ireland, from the South to the North, supplying Doctors either on a full-time basis or on an ad hoc agency basis.


By becoming a Locum Doctor, you get to be the creator of your own destiny and choose locations that suit you, working in multiple locations, if and when you want, and get this…not only is a better work-life balance guaranteed but the rates of pay are really good too!  On top of that you can utilise the services of a Limited Company and try and maximise your income whilst doing this!


There’s no need for you to settle to one location.  Locum work is an ideal opportunity to expand your horizons and visit multiple locations if you so wish so there’s no need to get stuck in a rut in one facility.


And one of those locations for you to consider is Northern Ireland.  We’re witnessing an escalation in the number of Doctors considering Northern Ireland as a destination for Locum work.


Why? Simply put Locum Doctors are paid higher rates in the North, the NHS system is more accommodating and NHS Trusts appreciate the Locum more it would appear!


We’re seeing more and more Doctors moving from full-time locum work in the South of Ireland to the same positions in Northern Ireland to avail of the same, or better pay, for less stressful work in organisations that operate more efficiently in most cases.


While uprooting the family and moving abroad for better pay and less stress is not always an option for everyone, a lot of Doctors look at Northern Ireland as an alternative option and destination. After all it is just an hour and a half on the M1 from Dublin!  And even better still there are no language or cultural barriers, and you are guaranteed the same Irish sense of humour!


Popular locations for Locum work include Belfast, Newry, Craigavon, Antrim, Ulster, Fermanagh and Altnagelvin in Derry.  Whilst the ‘hot’ specialities in these locations include MED, ED Registrars, Consultant Physicians and Med SHOs with experience.


If you are moving from Stamp 1 to Stamp 4 then locum work is on the horizon in public and private hospitals. Shortly after which, when the state recognises your eligibility to become a citizen and you get your passport, then Northern Ireland is without doubt a location for you to consider. Dip you toe into the North and experience the benefits such as great rates of pay.


Also, did you know that Trainee Doctors who are unable to Locum in Ireland due to the ‘Trainee Specialist Registration’ requirement, but who need another source of income, can Locum in Northern Ireland in their spare time without breaching Guidelines as set out in the training programme?


If Locum work is your chosen option for the next few years, then take a look at Northern Ireland.  With its great Locum rates, better healthcare system and accommodation options it is without doubt a desirable opportunity for many.


For more information contact a member of our Locum Express team on +353 (0)1 245 4161 or email us at You can also register online at