It is important to submit all paperwork in a timely fashion, as the Accounts department deals with a substantial number of payments on a weekly basis. Deadlines will be strictly enforced to help ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Timesheets must be submitted by 12pm (midday) on Mondays, either by email to or by fax to (021) 4297943. If your timesheet is being submitted by someone else, it is your responsibility to advise them of the cut-off times.

Once your timesheets are received by 12pm on Monday, you will receive a text before 5.30pm that evening to confirm receipt.

Timesheets must be approved by an authorized officer only, i.e Medical Manpower or by consultant/supervisor. Timesheets sent in without authorisation risk significant delays in payment.

You can download the timesheet form here.

Payment through Limited Company

It is PE Global Locum Express policy that all our locums set up a Limited Company to receive their payments. There are two options – you can set up a company yourself using your own accountant, or go through a consultancy firm or accountants who will set up a Company on your behalf and process invoices for your work.

For more information and companies we recommend please call us on 021-4297901.

Contracts with PE Global Locum Express

All doctors who sign on with PE Global Locum Express must have a signed contract in place before payment can be processed. Once you have a Limited Company name, notify the Accounts department and a contract between your company and Locum Express will be emailed to you. The last page must be signed and returned to the Accounts department, either by email , fax or post, before any payments can be processed.

Invoices for Payment

To be paid through a Limited Company, all doctors must submit an invoice for payment. If you have a Limited Company through your accountants, they will be responsible for submitting the invoices on your behalf. It is recommended that you send in an invoice with every timesheet to make sure you are paid on time.

Invoices must be received by 5pm on Tuesday for payment the same week.