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Quality Policy

PE Global Locum Express is a national medical recruitment and locum agency offering bespoke services to the HSE and Private Sector. We pride ourselves on the vast amount of experience our staff have working in the industry which makes PE Global Locum Express one of the most reliable and professional services around.
All of our recruitment consultants have a vast amount of recruitment experience within the medical sector and can provide assistance with all aspects of our Locum preceedures and booking ploicies. PE Global Locum Express ensures that all of the necessary compliance checks are performed for all Locum Doctors & Agency workers by our dedicated compliance team.

PE Global Locum Express is a member of the National Recruitment Federation and is also a principal Supplier for the HSE. All of our policies and procedures are based on their recommended content and will be reviewed and updated annually to make sure that they stay up to date with legislative and regulatory change.

PE Global Locum Express prides itself on being a dedicated and professional agency who are committed to the provision of a bespoke service that is safe, meets legal requirements and the quality expectations of its customers.

PE Global Locum Express’s Quality Policy applies to all our activities and aims to:

  • Provide a service level that meets or exceeds our customer expectations
  • Ensure that processes and procedures are in place to support our commitments to providing a reliable and professional service
  • Consistency of purpose, honesty & integrity are seen as key to our continuing relationships with both our Clients and doctors
  • Emphasises that the qualities of the service must satisfy, in the strictest terms and at all times, both the Client’s requirements and legal regulations and voluntary undertakings, and for this reason undertakes to comply with appropriate control methods
  • Ensures transparency in its behaviour through the establishment of internal and external means of communications

We aim to maintain our position as a principle supplier to the HSE by delivering recruitment services with the objective of enhancing customer satisfaction by:

  • Ensuring that the services we provide will be entirely suitable for the defined purpose and delivered in a timely and cost effective way
  • Complying with the requirements both regulatory, statutory and of the customer, as well as continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system
  • Establishing and communicating, meaningful quality objectives and performance targets to all staff
  • Utilising a process of continual improvement where everyone is encouraged to review working practices and suggest methods for improvement
  • Developing employee skills and increasing their contributions through effective training
  • Developing supplier relationships, to ensure mutually agreeable long-term commitment
  • Ensuring our Locum Doctors are fully aware of the requirement for quality and are given all necessary information
  • Recognising that adhering to this policy involves all aspects of our business