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Our Services

At Locum Express, which is part of the PE Global Group, we offer a comprehensive range of services across various departments to our clients. We have the experience and track record to deliver these services to meet our clients' project and resourcing needs.

What sets Locum Express apart is our thorough understanding we have gained in the manpower requirements and workforce solutions of the healthcare industry. We possess the fundamental experience to deal with major national and international hospitals in both the public and the private sectors, residential care service providers and large providers of private healthcare.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the ethics, criteria, visa requirements, professional qualifications and clinical skills applicable.

This knowledge and understanding is due to the quality and experience of our people. We have dedicated teams of recruiters with many years combined experience between them, as well as dedicated Resourcing and Compliance teams responsible for all essential and client specific searches and documentation.

An overview of the services we supply are as follows:

Emergency Departments

Women, Children & Paediatrics


General Medicine


General Practitioner (GP)