Sourcing GPs is not the easiest job in the world...


When you know what you are doing and how to do it, it makes your job easier.

Yes, doctors are in short supply. Yes, acute doctor disciplines and skillsets are in short supply.

All our expert sourcing is based on research.

Yes, there is a serious demand for General Practitioners, and Doctors in general, globally.  Yes, an aging population is putting an increased strain on a system already under pressure.  And that’s where PE Global Locum Express comes in!

Our dedicated Recruitment Consultants have been sourcing GPs globally for our Irish and UK healthcare clients for over a decade now.  We wouldn’t still be in business only for the fact we know what we are doing and we are good at it.

No, we don’t brag about being experts in sourcing GPs but we are!  All our expert sourcing is based on research. Research, research, research…we don’t act on whims, we act on facts.  Healthcare news platforms, social media groups, social media complaints, healthcare publications…we read them all! Why? So we are up to date on market changes, demands, salaries, visas, compliance, relocation challenges, anything to do with GPs, Doctors and Healthcare basically.

We always listen to our clients in terms of their needs and booking requests.  Being on a Framework provides us with a direct line to our healthcare providers’ current requirements. But this doesn’t happen until we get passed the gate-keepers, the ‘sorry we’re too busy’ emails, the ‘it’s mental here at the moment, we can’t talk’ calls. That’s all par for the course. We understand the pressures our healthcare facilities are under and that is exactly why we are here. We take the pressure of recruiting GPs and Doctors off our clients. We do the research, the sourcing, the attracting GPs, the endless zooms to candidates who may or may not be interested, the documentation, the compliance, the checks, the re-checks, the salaries, the bookings, the re-bookings, the contracts, on and on and on.

But one thing we never do is drop our standards. We never place a GP who has not been correctly vetted, we never place a GP who ‘might do’. We have set procedures in place that all our Recruitment Consultants adhere to stringently and there is no deviation from them.  For our GPs, we provide honest and real advice as to what they might expect. We have market knowledge and we are happy to share our expertise.

And we understand our GPs.  We also understand the pressures they are under in terms of their workloads, the demands on their time, their non-existent work-life balance, family. Sometimes the best option is locum work, they pick and choose their shifts and hours, let us know their availability and we manage this for them.  GPs then essentially become their own bosses…finally!

We are seeing more and more online adverts for practice partnerships availablity, more stories of small rural areas in crisis because their local GP is retiring and no alternative can be found to take up the practice. We are hearing how 30% of GPs will retire in the next 5 years, its scary, but it’s what is happening.

The challenge for PE Global Locum Express is figuring out which countries to try and attract talent from. South Africa traditionally has served our communities well with it’s English speaking cohort.  However, the next wave of candidates seems to be more than likely coming in from EU countries as barriers to entry are lessened and our salaries are still very attractive.

How many GPs do you know that are currently offering or seeking candidates interested in a partnership? Yes, becoming a partner may give a GP some control, but more often than not, it is possibly not all its cracked up to be. The previous GP managed their practice their way for 30 years and relinquishing control is not going to overnight.  It might not be for everyone but yes the stories are out there of GPs going into their first role as a GP practice owner with GMS lists and a huge amount of patients and handed the keys to the front door and everything else.  Quick learning needs to happen here in terms of staffing and managing a busy practice…it’s not a quick pot of gold scenario but a lot of work which GPs might not be aware of up front.

So have we persuaded you yet?  If you are looking for help sourcing GPs and Doctors for cover then look no further than PE Global Locum Express. Or if you are a GP wishing to relocate to Ireland then call us today. We can work with you with regard to relocation packages, accommodation, favourable rates, on the job training and learning assistance and ensure you are placed in a facility with a great hospital culture.  The fact we have 20,000 doctors registered with us speaks volumes for the service we offer.

For more information, or for a confidential conversation, please contact our PE Global Locum Express team at or call the team on +353 (0)1 245 4161.

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