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Unveiling the Earnings of Locum Doctors in Ireland: A Comprehensive Guide

For medical professionals seeking diverse experiences and flexible work arrangements, Ireland stands out as an enticing destination. The Emerald Isle not only offers breathtaking landscapes but also welcomes locum doctors with opportunities that can be financially rewarding. From bustling city hospitals to serene countryside clinics, the demand for locum doctors across various specialties continues to soar. But just how much do these temporary healthcare heroes earn while working in Ireland?

Understanding the Basics


Locum tenens, Latin for "to hold a place," refers to healthcare professionals temporarily filling positions in hospitals, clinics, or practices. In Ireland, the compensation for locum doctors can vary significantly based on several factors:

  1. Experience: Seasoned doctors often earn more due to their extensive experience and expertise. However, newer practitioners can also secure lucrative contracts.
  2. Working Hours: The number of hours worked greatly impacts earnings. Additional pay might apply for overtime or unsociable hours, such as evenings, weekends, or public holidays.
  3. Private Clinics: Locum Express partner with private clinics in Ireland where pay could be negotiable depending on the speciality and urgency of the cover required. 


Average Earnings


On average, locum doctors in Ireland can expect to earn between €49 to €133 per hour. However, these figures can fluctuate based the service. For instance:

  • NCHDs can earn around €49 to €71 per hour.
  • Consultants in high-demand fields could command rates of €133 per hour.


GP Locum Opportunities


GP locums, in particular, have an exciting earning potential. Working 24 hours per week—comprising 2 weekend sessions and 3 midweek sessions—can yield an impressive income of €115,000 per year. And for those seeking to maximize their earnings, adding 2 red-eye sessions per month could elevate the annual income to a staggering €140,000.


Navigating the Process


Securing a locum position in Ireland typically involves partnering with recruitment agencies specializing in healthcare placements such as Locum Express. Locum Express act as an intermediary, connecting doctors with healthcare facilities in need of temporary staff. We assist with the paperwork, licensing, and facilitate negotiations on behalf of you the doctor, making the process smoother.


Considerations Beyond Earnings


While the financial aspect is crucial, locum doctors often highlight other advantages beyond the pay check. Flexibility in work schedules allows for a better work-life balance. The opportunity to explore different healthcare systems, gain diverse clinical experiences, and immerse oneself in a new culture adds immense value to the overall experience.




The earnings of locum doctors in Ireland present an attractive proposition, with hourly rates varying based on specialization, experience, location, and working hours. While the financial benefits are substantial, the opportunity to embrace diverse medical practices and cultures makes working as a locum doctor in Ireland an enriching experience beyond monetary rewards.

For healthcare professionals seeking both professional growth and financial stability, Ireland stands as a beacon, offering a blend of rewarding opportunities and life-enriching experiences.


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